May 4, 2011

P2 Crackling Top Coat

Hello my dear readers !
Like I said yesterday, I added something to my mani, so it wouldn´t be that boring :) I was a bit lazy today, so it´s nothing special, but looks good :D 
Here is the mani as promised ;)
I used 1 coat of P2 Crackling Top Coat - 010 Black Explosion.You have to apply the polish quickly, cause it dries really fast! But the result is worth the work ;)  As you can see it dries matte. First I was going to add a top coat to make it shiny, but I kinda like the contrast between matte and the golden shimmer :) The colour is more accurate in the second picture. 
I just had to try a top coat, to see how it would look shiny......and it´s good I did! I love it ! :D

Btw, my stash list is finally finished! I hope I can add more and more swatches as soon as possible ;) 
Until next post, have a good night and thanks for reading :)

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