May 13, 2011

Essence - Choose me ! :)

Well, that´s one of my favourite polishes! You´ll see why :) I think it´s very similar to O.P.I - Catch me in your Net, but I don´t own it, so I can´t make any comparison. But it´s soooo pretty, especially cause it has a lot of glitter in it :) I used 3 coats and here is the result :
I could add another 10 pictures...the colour is just awesome...especially in the sun ! Awww :D Yes I´m in love ;) But ! You have to use a base coat !!! If you don´t do that, you have blue nails after removing it..believe me..I did -.- But besides that it´s perfect ! :)  I think I´ll have to buy some back up for this... We´ll see :)

Have a nice day, my dear readers!

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