May 30, 2011

My top 10 beauty products - Part 1

I wanna show you my favorite beauty products - besides from nail polish :D - and tell a little bit about them, so watch out for a looong post, even though I divided it in 2 parts :) The order is random, so the first one is not my absolute favorite, it´s just .... random :P So let´s start!

1. Essence Lash Mania Mascara
So this is my first favorite : the Essence Lash Mania Ultra Volume Mascara in 01 Hypnotic Black. I think the price is around 2,50€ and it´s available everywhere, where they sell Essence-products :) I´ve been using this mascara for almost 4 years, cause it works perfect for me. I always use 2 mascaras, one as a "base" and then this one for volume and extra length. The "base" mascara is changing every now and then, so I can try new mascaras :P 
"The ultimate XXL-volume effect for the lashes!ophthalmologically tested."-that´s what it says on the bottle. After 1 coat, you have deep black lashes with a bit more length and after the second one you have even more length and a great volume! So I can really recommend this one for you guys, the price is good and the result even better ;)

2. Syoss - Color Protect Shampoo
I just love this shampoo! The first time I bought it was 3 years ago, when I realized that I need a color protect shampoo for my dyed hair. I got it for 3,45€ (500ml) and I think it´s almost everywhere available. I only need to wash my hair once to get it really clean (with almost any other shampoo I have to do it twice) and after washing my hair, the colour really shines :) I also use the Syoss Color Protect Conditioner and that one makes the hair really soft.
To switch it up a little I got me a new shampoo, I hope it´s as good as this one. If not..I still have some back-up Syoss shampoo :P

3. got2b - Schutzengel (guardian angel) - Heat Protection Lotion
Well this is a heat protection spray (up to 220°C) with glossy finish. The price is about 5€ for 200ml bottle. It lasts about 3-4 months, even for long hair. I use this after washing my hair, I just spray it on while it´s wet and then I blow-dry it. If  I´m gonna use a flat or curling iron after that, I spray my dry hair again. After I  use the flat iron the hair is really soft and the promised glossy finish really shows up.
So I recommend this for everyone who uses flat/curling iron on a daily bases :) 

4. P2 Nail Care Oil 
This stuff is just amazing! First the description: "Rich nail oil with nurturing almond oil and refreshing lime aroma for intensive care of nails and cuticles. With vitamin E and F. Apply daily to nails and cuticles and massage in well."
The price is 1,65€ for 10ml. The second you put it on your cuticles they become soft and moisturized...and the whole room smells like lime :D The smell is amazing! I just put it on a few minutes ago and everything is smelling so good :)) I use it every day, and as you can see the bottle is still full (I have this bottle for 1 month now).
Go and get it if you have a drugstore, that sells P2 stuff! :)

5. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Finish-Creme

This a styling creme from John Frieda, that I put on my hair - for extra shine and soft hair - after I´m done with my styling. The price is around 8-9€ for 100ml. It´s a bit pricy but totally worth it :) I wanted a finish-creme for a long time, but I only found sprays. So when I saw it I bought it right away :) It claims that it transforms instantly strawy,dry hair in smooth, shinny hair; and thats absolutely true! Like I said, just put some cream on your hand (about the size of a peanut, thats all you need! :D)  and spread it in your hair after you finished your styling. And your done! :)

So this was the first part, the second one will come soon :) In the meantime, tell me what are your favorite beauty products? If you have a blog, I tag you to make a post about it and provide me a link, if not..just leave a comment :) Would be very interesting for me to hear more about good beauty products ;)  

Thats it for today, have a nice evening! :-*


  1. i got the got2b hair protection spray and it is fab :) xxx

  2. I love got2be products more and more :) they´re really good ;)


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