May 9, 2011

Summer, sunshine ... and Sun Club - Splash Refresh

Hello again !
Today I wanna show you the second Sun Club polish I got from Essence: 03 BBC Splash Refresh. It´s a turquoise colour without any shimmer and it´s very creamy. Here I used 2 thin coats, but I think you could easily use only 1 thick coat to make it opaque.
Perfect for summer, right ? ;) And then I thought I could add Maybelline NY Express Finish - Flash have some flakies :D ..but sometimes my ideas look good only in my head ^^ So here it is with one coat Flash Cosmic :
It looks sooooo pretty in the bottle, look: 
Perhaps with some other base colour..I have to try different shades...but another time ;)
How do you like it ? Better with or without the flakies ? 

Have a nice day, dear readers ;)


  1. it doesn't look bad with the flakies but without them looks better, I feel... and that Catrice from the previous post, I'm not a fan of pink but it's gourgeus :)

    p.s. bine ai revenit pe plaiurile mioritice :)) >:D<

  2. you´re right :)

    p.s.: insfarsit am revenit! :) >:D<


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