May 29, 2011

Different crackling top coat swatches :)

This will be a huge post about crackling top coats with lots of pictures, just so you know ;)
So first I wanna show you the P2 Crackling Top Coat in 020-Silver Blast, which is a beautiful silver polish with lots of shimmer in it. It dries kind of matte (I´m sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that too), but once you put a top coat on, you can see all of the pretty shimmer in it ! I made the pics extra large for you, so you can see ;)
This pics with the silver top coat were taken before my camera broke, so they`re pretty good ;)
I did 2 coats of Catrice - C03 Lavender Breeze and 1 coat of silver blast; on the right side I did 2 coats of P2 - Dramatic Black and again 1 coat of silver blast. I love how this crackle polish forms´s just perfect! :)  And the prize of 1,75 € makes it even better ! The pic above is taken in sunlight, the other one in the shadow.
The second Crackling TC is also from P2 and it´s called Golden rush (030). It´s like the silver one ..but in gold :P Pretty shimmer, easy to apply and a matte finish. The only thing I don´t like about it, is that it´s a little bit sheer. So you have to apply 1 thick coat or you will see the base colour through it. I did 1 coat over Catrice-Lavender Breeze, P2-Dramatic Black and Essence-Just Rock it . I just love the combination of dark blue and gold...but it didn´t turn out as I wanted..well, still pretty :P
The next one is from Essence: Crack me! White. It´s a white top coat (what a surprise :D) without any shimmer and it also dries matte. The big diffrence between this one and the P2 Crackling TC is the way it cracks. I don´t know how to describe it, so let the pics speak for themselves :P
 It´s 1 coat each over P2-Dramatic Black and Catrice-The Pinker The Better. The pic above is without top coat. See the matte finish? The other one is with top coat :) I really don´t know if I like this kind of you ? :P
And finally, the last one :) This one you have already seen on another post of mine, the P2 Crackling TC Black Explosion. So it´s a black TC without shimmer, a matte finish, and I think it´s the easiest to apply..don´t ask me why :) I did 1 coat each over Catrice-Lavender Breeze and Catrice-The Pinker The Better.
First pic is with top coat. On the pink polish I did a thin layer of crackling TC and on the white one a thicker one, so you can see the difference between the cracks. I like the one with the thin layer on it (the pink one) better :) The second pic is an old mani I did, without any top coat, that´s why it is matte.
 And the last one is the pic from the other post I mentioned, again without TC. :)

We made it! The post is over! I know it was a bit to much, but I wanted to swatch all crackling TC´s at once ;) So forgive me, I just can´t be brief :D

Have a nice Sunday evening! :-*

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