May 26, 2011

Patchwork Mani

First I have to say: I can take photos for my blog now, but only with my mobile they´re not as good as the other ones, but also not as bad as I thought :) And second: please don´t mind my pinkie, I broke the nail on this one, while doing nothing...very misterious ^^
Today, while I was reading some blogs that I follow, I came across this beautiful manicure by Kayla Shevonne: click here ! This girl has really good ideas and always perfect painted nails! You should really check her blog out ;) Well, about the mani: I knew that I had to try that immediately!! It´s not as good as hers, but with a bit of practice it will be someday :P
First I did 1 coat of Essence - White Hype as a base colour, so that I only have to use 1 coat for the other colours to make them look bright. For the patchwork I used:
Essence - Sundancer (yellow)
Essence - Sun Club Splash Refresh (turquoise)  and
Essence - Just Rock it (dark blue)
The black lines I drew with the Essence Nail Art Tip Painter - Heavy Black.
In the second pic I also have some top coat on looks so glossy, I love it ! :D
First I wanted to use different colours but I really liked the ones Kayla choosed and I never have yellow on my nails, so it was worth a try :) I´m sure I will do this kind of mani more´s perfect, cause you can combine different colours, it´s easy and a great eyecatcher ;)

Have a nice evening! Bye :-*


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