Oct 1, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Dots and Dots

Hello, my dear readers!
It´s Saturday and as usual, here is another tutorial for you :) I saw this design on youtube, so go and check out the video tutorial if you like ;)  It´s very easy to do, so let´s get started!

Step 1:  You will need a total of 3 color for this design, I used: Essence - You belong to me (base), Essence - White Hype and Essence - Trust in Fashion. After applying your base color, grab a small Nail Art brush and draw some lines with the other 2 colors. I can fit only 3 lines on my nail, but you can draw 4 lines if you want to :)

Step 2: Now grab a dotting tool and make some big dots along the lines. My white polish was a bit thick, so the dots aren´t that perfect and round as they should be :P While placing the dots, make sure to leave enough space between them, so that the dots on the other line can fit in the gaps :)

Step 3: We´re almost done! :) Just put some smaller dots inside the big ones, with the other color you used for the lines. Let it dry a bit and finish it off with a TC.

In the end it should look like this:
I hope it was helpful and let me know if you try it ! :) 
Have a great weekend! :-* 


  1. Love this, mind if I use your design today? So clean and pretty!

  2. Thank you! And no I don´t mind! Go ahead ;)

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. @JeeZ TrendZ: Thanks! And you´re welcome :)
    @Paulina: Thank you ! :)

  5. Oh this is sooo stylish and pretty! I really really love it =D Thanks for the tutorial too, I'm def gonna give this a go soon!

    Btw I read all your posts I missed out on and have to say they'r all amazing =) Love all the nails you'v done, incredible designs as always =]

    p.s. Thank you so much for your super sweet emails =] Its really mice to know someone cares about you! Thanks again and good luck with uni! =D

  6. Thank you so much Sara !! Can´t wait to see your recreation ;)

    You´re so welcome and I wish you good luck too, with the uni! :D

  7. I saw this before and I have to try it! nice try I like it! :D

  8. Thanks Helga !
    And thanks misaya! You definitely have to try it ;)

  9. Gorgeous manicure & great tutorial!

  10. @April: Thank you! :)
    @FrugallyMe: Thanks :)

  11. @hayley86bright: Thanks ! xoxo
    @Selene and Theia: Thank you !! :)


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