Nov 28, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.11 - Fierce Accent

I took a little pause from blogging, cause I had a lot of going an with uni and stuff (I had 3 tests only last week) but now it's going to be more relaxed, so I can post regularly again :) Starting Thursday I will post a Christmas Nail Art everyday! That will be fun :D
So today I was swatching some colors, and one of them was Avon - Violetta Sparkle. This is a dark purple polish with fine golden glitter in it. The application was tricky at first, I had to use 3 coats on the first nail, cause I couldn't apply it evenly. As I was moving on to the other nails I got the hang of it and I had to use only 2 coats. So application is fine, if you're careful. When I ordered this polish I thought it would be a lighter purple with silvery glitter, judging by the photo in the catalog. So I was a little bit disappointed, but the polish is still pretty :)
It was really hard to capture the real color and the glitter. If you enlarge the photos you can get an idea of how it looks.
 With flash.
 The purple is a little lighter in real life.
I thought about pimping it a bit, so I added P2 Crackle TC - Golden Rush. I realized something funny today ... I always start painting my ring finger and then go on and paint the other ones. :))) So this accent nail happened by accident and since today's theme at PAA was "Fierce Accent Nail" ...well, perfect! :D
 I know a reader requested the swatch of this particular polish, so I hope she's happy with it! =)
Do you have any funny habits of painting your nails ? 
Have a good night! 


  1. I paint my non-dominant hand first since it was a tip I read somewhere if you wanted to improve your painting abilities :P And it works nicely for me :)

  2. Wow, super gorgeous purple, I want it!

  3. @Helga: I will try that! :D

    @Polish AMOR: Thank you! :)

    @Sandra: Thanks :D Can't you get AVON polishes where you live ?

  4. Wow, this one is dark (I haven't bought it jet) but I already ordered and got and paint Sequined turquoise- I don't need to say that I love it because it is awesome ;)

  5. Yes it's darker than the picture they show on their website/catalog. But you can't go wrong with this polish, so it's a good thing you ordered it ;) Sequined Turquoise..*sigh* beautiful :D

  6. Super, my cousin just gave me this one and I can't wait to try it :D


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