Nov 17, 2011

Today's Swatch: Sensique 137

Hey everybody! 
Today I´m showing you another polish from the giveaway: Sensique 137. I really don´t know what color this is :))) Plum? Burgundy? I have no idea xD Please tell me! :D Either way, it´s a beautiful one ;) The application was really great, that´s what I love about this Sensique polishes. I used 2 coats, no TC and it´s so glossy! But see for yourself:
The color is the most accurate on the second picture :) After a few hours of wearing this, I thought I spice it up a bit with some glitter! And I got the perfect candidate for it: Essence - Time for Romance. It´s basically the same color, but with some awesome glitter :) Here´s a bottle shot, to show you the great glitter this cute little bottle contains (click to enlarge)
I applied 1 coat over the old manicure and here is the result: 
 I  this combination! It sparkles so much more in real life :) 
Hope you liked today´s swatch ;) 
Thanks for reading and have a good night my lovelies! :-* 


  1. Oh wow, this is soooooooo pretty! It's spectacular with that topcoat!

  2. kinda looks like this combo belongs in the opi muppets collection!

  3. I would say, this polish is plum, but I'm not the best in describing colors. :)

    The combination with Essence is breath taking, I have to buy Time For Romance.

  4. @Laura: Thank you!!! I loved this manicure, I wore it for 3 days!! :P

    @Selene and Theia: you´re right ;) would go perfect with the other colors :)

    @Taya: Me neither :P Plum was my first thought, too ;) You really have to buy it! It´s gorgeous!

  5. Wow that is shiny! :) And the layering combo looks awesome! I have to go to some country where they sell Essence!

  6. Man this colour is gorgeous!!!! I love it soo much! I'd say its a rich plum shade =]
    That glitter is fab, it looks awesome!

  7. Hello- beautiful color nail , i love them .

  8. That Essence polish is bad a$$! Love this!

  9. @Helga: Thank you! Maybe you could do a swap with someone? I would love too, but I don´t get them anymore here :(

    @Sara: Thank you so much!! It really is a gorgeous color! And it´s decided, plum it is! :D

    @Britney: Hey there! thank you ;)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks!! Can you believe that I didn´t wanted that polish at first? I got it by mistake :))

  10. Just last week I removed Time for Romance and I love it and I will definitely need a backup bottle of this beauty

  11. Thanks Sandra! :)

    That´s what I thought too, MissDoll! ;D


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