Nov 1, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.9 - Halloween !

Hey everybody!
This post was supposed to be scheduled yesterday, but obviously I did something wrong xD So I´ll post this weeks Nail Art Monday, today :P
The theme was, oh well, Halloween of course !! :D
You probably have seen this kinda manicure on every blog out there and even I did it last week, but I wanted to try it again :P
It was inspired by Acetone and Old Lacquer,because I loved her idea to do the "blood" on a neutral colored polish. 
I used: P2 - Perfectly as a base, Sally Hansen - Brick Wall (light red) and Catrice -The Devil wears Red. Yeey, my first Sally Hansen polish..I love it :D More on that tomorrow ;)

BONUS pic! 
Yesterday as I was walking home, I saw these 2 cute little cats cuddling each other :)  How sweet are they? 
Hope you all had a great Halloween ;) See ya tomorrow ;)  

Aaah! I almost forgot! Tuesday´s Vote! Choose a number between 1 and 232! 
Thank you for that! ;) 


  1. Aww, I feel honoured! :) And what cute kitties you have! <3 (I choose n:o 8)

  2. Oh I loved AAOL's mani! SO glad you tried it out yourself as it looks amazing! =]
    Awww those little cats are soo sweet!!!!

  3. @Jamie: Thanks for the number, great choice :D

    @Laura: Damn it ! A few minutes too late :(

    @Bruno: You have such great manicures! Thanks for stopping by ;)

    @Sara: Thank you! :) They´re soooo cute, right? :D

  4. Very realistic blood drips!

    Those kitties are super cute. Hope they have nice owners who appreciate them. :)


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