Nov 3, 2011

Reader´s Choice: P2 - Artful

Hello everybody!
This time, the number was chosen by Jamie and it´s 177! Thank you ;) It´s P2 - Artful. I adore this color, but the application kinda sucks. It´s sheer, it´s stringy, even though I used nail polish thinner and it doesn´t dry. I don´t know if it´s just mine, but I don´t like it. Too bad, because the color is awesome! Look ! :)  
I took these pictures, while I was in Greece some weeks ago and I didn´t wanted to take new pictures of it, so here they are!
You can see the VNL and the sheerness at the base of the nail. This is 2 coats, and you would need 3 to 4 coats to make it opaque, but then it takes forever to dry :/
I am not saying P2 polishes are bad in general, but this one is. :(
Tell me, do you own this polish ? If so, do you have the same problems with it ? I would love to know :)  
Thanks for reading and have a good night! :-*

Btw, my next posts are scheduled, cause I won´t have that much time the next few days, but I promised a tutorial for you guys, so I prepared the posts :P Feel free to leave me some comments though, I will reply to them as soon as I can ;)


  1. da hab ich ja sogar ne richtig coole farbe ausgewäht :)

    also ich hab den lack auch, hatte den aber so lang nicht mehr drauf, dass ich gar nicht mehr weiß, ob der jetzt auch so schwierig ist, hmmm... ich glaube aber nicht, magste meinen haben? ;)

  2. @Paulina: You´re so right :D

    @Jamie: Ja hast du ! :) hihi, wie nett von dir! :D Wenn du ihn mal wieder ausprobierst kannste mir ja erzählen, ob der genau so schwierig is ;) aber behalte ihn, is ne wunderschöne farbe :D

  3. When I saw the images, I thought "that turquoise is so Greece" and then you write that you took the images while there. Creepy!

  4. I have the same polish and I love it ! I absolutely have no problems with it...

  5. Well, then it´s probably just mine :( Still a gorgeous color though ;)


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