Nov 30, 2011

Today's Swatch: Avon - Grey Cement + Avon Haul

Hey there!
Oh gosh, I'm so excited about tomorrow!! If your new here, or maybe just missed it: this is what I'm so excited about :D Can't wait to start and see all the other Nail Designs, from the ones who participate ;)

So, today I am showing you another gorgeous polish from Avon! I'm falling in love with this polish brand ;) It's Grey Cement, a matte polish, which is the perfect grey! Not to dark and not to light...just gorgeous!
The application was a bit hard at first, because this polish dries within seconds! So you have to be fast...and I mean fast as lightning, no kidding :) Even if you manage to apply it evenly, you'll still see some brush strokes (1st pic), but they're not that noticeable in real life. I used 2 coats.
All in all I love how matte it is, because some other matte polishes I own, have more like a satin finish. That's why I ordered the other 2 matte polishes, that I don't already have, from Avon, so I have them all. They're just so cool :D
And here are the ones I ordered this month:
 From left to right:
Ruby Slippers, Violetta Sparkle (swatch here), Gunmetal, Blue Shock
Inky Blue, Grey Cement, Red Velvet
I really like the names of the polishes, because they describe them perfectly ;) But why couldn't Avon manage to put them on the bottles as well? I had to cut out the names from the boxes they came in and tape it on the cap :P
If you know some other cool Avon polishes, that are just a must-have, let me know!

See ya tomorrow with the first Challenge!!! Yey :D


  1. Ha, I love how you actually went to thr effort of sticking then ames on the bottles. Brilliant.

  2. Thanks =)) I actually couldn't believe at first, that they didn't put the names on the bottles! :P

  3. I saw these in a local Avon store (run by a rep), but passed on them. I might have to give them a looksie the next time I go by. As far as other Avon products go, their blush and glimmerstick eyeliners are to die for!

  4. I like it too! :) Where did you order those?

  5. i'm participating too! its my first challenge i'm so excited!

  6. @The Lacquered Lady: Thanks for the tip! I' try the blush soon, I needed one anyways ;)

    @Helga: Thanks! A friend of mine is a representative of Avon and orders direct from them, something like that :)I just give my order to her and she brings me the products :)

    @Kelly: How cool! Yea, me too ;)

  7. Oooh these look neat! I wasn't into the matte nail polish craze but now, I'm rethinking it.

  8. I love them, you should try matte polishes, they're really awesome ;)

  9. I also don't know if I'm gonna like the matte version, they look nice but probably not on me.
    The Ruby Slippers looks nice and I'm looking forward to see some swatches ;)

  10. Maybe you just have to try one matte, it may look good ;) I'll try too swatch Ruby Slippers soon :)

  11. I typed in this color in google - and found your blog. I was telling this guy at work just now how I adore this nail polish and it is my favorite. Because I'm just wearing black now.

    But I'm totally going to follow you.. I have black/red hair myself :)

  12. Hehe, I love it too :) Well, to be honest I love all the matte polishes from Avon ;)

    Welcome to my blog! Hope you like it here ;) You have black and red hair? That's cool ;) I was thinking about doing some black highlights :D


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