Jul 18, 2011

Billies Giveaway!

Hello dear readers :)

The lovely Billie from Billies Beauty Blog is hosting her first giveaway! It´s open internationally and you can win a gorgeous MAC Lipstick! Just click the link above and follow the instructions ;)
And while you´re on her blog, also click the Follow-Button! She has a great taste of style and she is relatively new to the Blog-world, so new followers are appreciated ;)

Btw, I know today is Monday and I am supposed to post my Monday Nail Art Challenge but I really have no time! Wednesday is my exam and I have to study, after that I´m free and I will post more! :D

Aaaaand it looks like Nail Art Tutorials are wished-for, so they will be coming up soon ;)

Have a nice and stress-free day! :P


  1. Thank you for this so much lovely:) x x x x

  2. You´re welcome:) And thanks again for opening it internationally ;) xoxo

  3. http://lifewithsalpi-whatdidiweartoday.blogspot.com/2011/07/nail-polish-giveaway.html

    This is my first giveaway I am new either give me a hand please :))


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