Jul 16, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Essence - Can´t Cheat On Me

Hello my dear readers and welcome new followers! I can´t believe I have 99 followers :D I thank each and every one of you! :)
So first off: Attention! This will be a long post! :) 
I wanna show you Essence - Can´t cheat on me (57),which is a grey glitter polish with a slight holo effect! I think it´s pretty clear, judging by the almost empty bottle, how much I love this polish :D 
The first two pictures are with 2 coats and no TC. It´s very easy to apply and it dries kinda fast. There is obviously a VNL, but do you see the pretty holo-effect in the sunlight-picture?  I also like the shininess it provides, even without TC. :)
Of course I added another coat, trying to make it opaque, but as you can see: even with 3 coats there is still a VNL :( I don´t like to add more coats than 3, so I figured it would be great as a top coat! And here it is:
As TC (from left to right) over Essence - White Hype, Essence - Got a secret(56) and P2 - Dramatic Black. I just wanted to show you the layering options, but I really like it only over the grey polish. How do you like it? Do you own this polish? If so, how do you wear it on your nails? :) 
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :) 


  1. this is a gorgeous polish! i wonder what it would like over red or pink as its amazing over the white and black :)

    shel xx

  2. I prefer it as a top coat, good idea!

  3. I think over a lot of different colours would look amazing:)

  4. Those look really nice! I think I maybe should get some more grey polishes... 8) Congrats on the followers :)

  5. Thank you ladies :)
    @Irishenchantment: I will try it sometime over other colors too ;)
    @Helga: you should! grey polishes look great! :)

  6. I love it as a topcoat. Lovely all around, though. :) Congrats on your followers!


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