Jul 22, 2011

I´m finally back :)

Hello my dear readers!
I know I promised to post more regularly, once I´m done with my exam, but I didn´t know how much paperwork and walking from one bureau to another is involved after the exam :P The point is: I passed, so I´m a med student now! Yeey :D   
I will show you what I wore all week on my nails, since I didn´t have time for painting them everyday :P Tomorrow I´ll show you the Nail Art Monday Mani I did and from now one I will post more regularly, I swear :D
So here it is, just something simple: 2coats of  P2 - Flirt& Tease (040)  + P2 Crackling TC in black:
This is the only nude polish I really love, and it stays on for 5 days without chipping and tip wear! That´s it, see ya tomorrow and have a good night! :)


  1. Yayyyy congrats on becoming a med student!! Celebratory manicure is in order lol:P Like your exam nails, the nude colour is really nice looking at the shatter seems so smooth over it!

  2. congrats on passing your exam! I'll hopefully be a med student soon too (if I do well on my MCAT in 6 days).

  3. congrats on passing your exam and getting on the course thats awesome!

    shel xx

  4. Thank you ladies! :D Maybe I will do a celebratory manicure, Audrey ;)
    And good luck to you, SAIDAridiculous ! :)

  5. Oh how cool, congrats! :D And nice mani too, I like big chunks when it comes to crackle :)


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