Jul 25, 2011

New Poll

Hey everybody ! :)
I just wanted to let you know, that I put up a new poll on the left side of the page, where you can decide which Nail Art Tutorial you want to see first :)
You can choose between the Zebra Zipper Manicure , the Patchwork Mani, the Flowers from my first Nail Art Monday and the Random Dots and Stripes Manicure.
Now I have to go and do some swatches, write some posts and schedule them, because the next few days I won´t have time to post that much :) But more about that in my next post tomorrow ;)
Have a nice evening! :)


  1. I voted but I like all of them so I hope you'll show everyone :)

  2. Of course, but I want to know which i should show first :)


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