Jul 10, 2011

Night Sky Manicure

Hey , dear readers! 
Quick post today :) I used Catrice - En Vogue, 2 coats, as a base and added Maybelline NY Flash Cosmic (840D). It is such a pretty shimmer! I love it! And it looks like the stars on a night sky :) Click to enlarge, to see the beautiful glitter.
Blurry image to show you the great sparkle... it´s much more visible in real life  :)
It´s subtle but gorgeous :) So that´s it for today, sorry for this short post, but I have a lot to study and no time....but it will be all over soon :)
Thanks for reading and have a nice and sunny Sunday ;)


  1. This look gorgeous! Love the glitter!

  2. it looks very pretty :) i like the glitter :)

  3. I think I will never get tired of the contrast between a pale skin and a dark nail polish... it looks sooooo good! Btw, love the glitters.

  4. Thank you ladies! :) I usually don´t wear dark polish on my nails if they are that short, but I had to try this combo :)

  5. Thank you for the sugestion about the polish that Rihanna used but I'm not finding it in any website :s


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