Jul 17, 2011

Tag: Where do I store my cosmetics ?

Hello everybody! :)
Some while ago, Paulina from A place for my nails tagged me with this tag: "Where do I store my cosmetics?" Thank you very much, sweetie :) It´s very easy, just show how you store your cosmetics and tag other 10 bloggers :)
Well, I just moved here some weeks ago and it isn´t all where it´s supposed to be, but I just show you how it looks now :)
In my bathroom on the shelf:                                                In the drawer:
That´s how I store my make-up, my face-masks and perfumes. I don´t have that much make-up, so for now it´s perfect, but I want to set up a table in my living room and a big mirror with lights around it, etc. :) There I will store all my make-up and nail polishes etc. It will be my beauty corner :D
This is all my hair products and body lotions and in the back is my nail art stuff. This is on a table next to my desk. And under the table I have my nail polishes in 3 baskets. I hope I will have some nail polish racks someday, cause I like to see every polish I have, cause if I don´t, I just forget about them :)
So that´s it, nothing special :D Maybe in the future when it´s all set up the way it should be, I´ll do another post about this....we´ll see :) 
And I tag these lovely ladies:  

I can´t wait to see your posts about it :D Have a nice day! :) 


  1. I'd love to have a rack as well. Or maybe they could just always have the name on the cap so I don't have to lift every polish from a brand to see which one it is :P (lazy much? haha)

  2. Thanks so much for the tag! =D
    And aw I hope you get your big mirror with lights all around it soon =] I think it'l look fab!

  3. Thank you for the tag! I'll do it this week :)
    I love the idea of your beauty corner! When you have it, you will have to show it!
    Btw, I think that the nail art tutorials will be very useful, good idea! I have already voted :)

  4. @Helga: Would be a good idea! :))

    @Sara: You´re welcome! I hope it too :D

    @Filipa: You´re also welcome! ;) I´m glad you like the idea of tutorials :D

  5. I would love some racks for my polish too, not nearly enough room for them all :P

  6. Thank you for this tag. I'll try to do it this week. :)

  7. You´re welcome Taya :) And thanks Paulina :D

  8. Ahh it looks lovely:) I love tags like these! I'd love for you to enter my mac lipstick giveaway! I think it would look lovely in your collection ahah;)

  9. Hmm, does this mean I need to show the world how out of hand my polish stash is? ;)

  10. thanks for tagging me :) oh gosh i don't have lots of cosmetics hahaha but still i'll be doing this :) thanks theo! :)

  11. Yes Karen :D hehe :)
    You´re welcome neelai :)

  12. Thanks for tagging me :-)
    I think you're lucky to have so much space for everything! My cosmetics have to be stored on the bathroom floor lol. I'll put pics up soon!


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