Jul 23, 2011

Late Nail Art Monday: Glitterbomb

 So here it is...the very late Nail Art Monday Post :D The theme this time was Glitterbomb, so I knew I had to use as much glitter polish as possible ;) I layered 3 different glitter polishes and the end result was a very glittery manicure but also a very thick one... it took forever to dry :D 


For the first layer I used Aden - 53M9, a blue glitter polish with very small glitter. The second layer is Essence NA Twins - Clyde (03), a pretty blue glitter with holographic square glitter :) And the third one was also a Essence Twin: Edward (06), which has green squares and small blue glitter. I took this blurry pic, to show you the holo glitter and all that sparkle that´s going on there :D  
This picture shows the green glitter a bit better :) I just love the square glitter that Essence puts in all the Twins-Polishes :) 

On the last pic it looks just like a glitter gradient :) All in all I loved this manicure, but it was so thick, that it didn´t dry and I had to remove it after 2 hours :P This was a long post with many pics, but I had to show them all, they are so pretty :D 
Do you like glitter polish on your nails? Or do you avoid them, because they´re hard to remove?

See ya later, I will post another Swatch today ;) 


  1. This really is a glitterbomb. :)

    I loke glitter on my nails, but not that much. Only one coat of one glitter polish.

  2. Pretty! It fits that theme well!

  3. Me too, Taya :)
    And thanks @thenailaholic :)

  4. heh... glitter bomb it is:) hehe..But I like it:)

  5. Looking great! I surely try this. Thanks for sharing.

    square glitter


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