Dec 1, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 1 - Snowfall

It's December the 1st, that means the Challenge begins! :D As the title says, the theme for today is Snowfall. I'll try to keep it short, cause today is the Great Union Day, the national holiday in Romania and I will spend it with some friends. :)
So here is the base for my manicure:
I created a gradient with: Essence - I'm a Marine Girl (dark blue), Sensique - Lakier Sky Blue and P2 - Divine. I used a white base (Essence - Ahoy!) to make the colors pop more ;) As much as I love gradients, they never turn out great on my nails. The colors didn't blend that well together, and the cleaning up afterwards was a mess, but oh well, it still looks pretty. :) I tried to picture the dark night sky, the fog and the snow-covered ground. All the colors I used are shimmers and it looks beautiful in real life, but it doesn't show on the pictures... maybe a little bit on the second picture? :P
And for the falling snow I just used the same white, that I used as a base and added random sized dots all over the nails.
 It does look like snow, doesn't it ? :D 
I can't wait to see all the other designs of these lovely ladies that joined the Challenge:
Kaki, Steffi, Salpi, Shannara, Kirshten and of course paint that nail, who started all this :D
(These are just the ones I know, I'm sure there are a lot of other bloggers that joined :P)
So much for "keeping it short" =)))
See ya tomorrow with another frosty manicure ;)


  1. I don't know why but your nails reminded me of Polar Express Movie ... Loved your nails I did mine too I am really exited to see your santa design.

  2. They look gorgeous :) love them xx

  3. it does read as snow! like snow fall at night fall!

  4. @Taya: Thank you! :)

    @Anja: Thanks! :D

    @Salpi: Really? hehe, well in the movie there sure is a lot of snow ;)

    @MissLindseyJA: Thank you so much! :)

    @Kelly: I'm glad it doesn't look like snow just to me! :D

  5. Yes, it really does look like snow! I love it. And why have I still not tried gradient nails? Need to change that!

  6. I really liked this once you added in the snow falling.

    BTW, I'm also doing this challenge!

  7. @Laura: Thank you!! :D You need to try it! Although I have to warn you, it's harder than it looks :)))

    @Shannara: Thank you! :)

    @Jessica: Thanks! :) I'm glad you're doing this too! I'll mention you tomorrow, too ;)

  8. Ok-dude-this is so freakin cool!!!

  9. i love these!! I'm doing the challenge too :)

  10. So pretty! Oh my gosh just beautiful. I love the gradient! It really does remind me of snow. Can't wait to see more

  11. This is sooo pretty! I thought it looked great on the first pics and then I scrolled down to the little snow dots and that just made it even better :D

  12. @Lexi Martone: Thanks! :) Really cool, that you joined! :D

    @Kaki: Thank you so much!! :D You will see a lot more :P

    @Helga: Thank you! Your comment really made me smile :D

  13. Oh my god, it's good to see other romanian chicks besides me into nails :)

  14. Lol :D Well the girls here seem to like only french gel nails :P

  15. These are super cute!! Just found your blog and love it, now following!!!


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