Dec 11, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 10 - Poinsettias

Heyho :)
Today's theme: Poinsettias ...*sigh* they looked so good in my head...but on my nails, oh well, I don't like it.
Can't wait to do tomorrow's theme, so I can take these off :P 
Go ahead and see the beautiful poinsettias these ladies did: 
Have a good night! :*


  1. such a pretty design i am going to have to try something like this!

  2. I've passed the top 10 award on to you! ps that gold in the background is really nice!

  3. Well even if you don't like it, I love them. I just wish my hand was steady enough that I could do nail art. Also this is a nice change from all the snowmen, snowflakes, and candy canes that everyone is doing. A fresh look.

  4. I love them! Do your nails grow rounded or are you good at shaping? I've never seen such perfect edges. Anyhow, love the flowers!

  5. @kerrie: Thank you! Try it, it's easy ;)

    @Kelly: Thank you! I'll post about it as soon as possible ;)

    @Beauty on a College Budget: Thank you, I'm glad you like them :P Well yeah, the web is full now with these designs :)

    @Kaki: Thanks! Well they do not grow that rounded :P I always have to file them to achieve this shape. I started to do the rounded shape because I couldn't file them any other way...and now I got quite good at it, I guess :P


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