Dec 10, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 9 - Red & Green

It's Friday!! Finally :D I still have a test on Sunday (yes, you heard right, on SUNDAY!) but still ;) 
Today's theme was a bit difficult...why? Because it's rather vague. I asked my readers what I could do with red and green polish and one of them said: a mistletoe!  Thank you for that idea, FrugallyMe ! :) 
I kept it simple, so here is my Red & Green Mani: 
I used: Avon Ruby Slippers as a base (@MissDoll: a little preview from your requested swatch), Aden - 86 (green), Nail Collection Matte in White for the dots and Essence - Golden Sands for the little bow.  
Simple but cute :) 
I'm really curious about the designs these ladies came up with :D
Have a good night and see ya tomorrow ;) 


  1. Oh, I like! Mine wasn't nearly as creative as yours. One day I'll get there! Can't wait to see more.

  2. You've been tagged! Check out m blog. You'll find it. =)

  3. Pretty :-)
    Good luck with your test!

  4. looks so cute love the colors
    Good luck with your test!

  5. @Kaki: Thank you!! Yes, you'll get there! Just keep on painting ;)

    @Laura: Thank you and thanks you, I will need it :D

    @Shannara: Thanks! :D And thanks ;)


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