Dec 5, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 4 - Snowman

Hello, my dear readers! :)
Sorry for posting so late, but I went on a short trip to Hungary and I came back later than expected :P  
Today's theme is Snowman! I'd love to build one right now, but we have no snow here, because the weather decided to make it so warm like in spring outside :)) 
Does it snow where you live? 
This design was made in a hurry, but I like it :D
I used: Sensique 252 as a base and Art de Lautrec - White, Essence - Get the Fever, Avon - Ruby Slippers and Essence - Fatal.
I'm excited to see the other cute snowmen, made by these ladies:
It's so fun watching everyone's designs and interpretations of the themes. :D
Well, have a good night now! See ya ;) 


  1. Wow! so clean and pretty! really perfect looking! :) i also really like the nails without the snowman blue and white polka dots! so cute!

  2. So pretty - I love that bright blue, really makes it pop!

  3. Aw so cute! It's snowed here once (Indiana) but this week it's been in the high 40's all week!

  4. These are awesome! SO freakin cute!! I love it!

  5. Cute! We actually had some snow today but it's still too "warm" so the snow melted right away. But still :P

  6. @Jessica: Thanks! :)

    @Kelly: Thank you so much! I was a little bit lazy to do snowmen on all my nails :P

    @FrugallyMe: Thanks :D

    @Kaki: Thank you! I love that blue too :D

    @Amanda: Thank you! And same here, but they announced really cold weather for the next 3 days :D I hope it snows!

    @Shannara: Thank you! :)

    @Fingers: Thank you so much!! :D

    @Helga: Thanks! And still! Good thing it snowed, right? :P

  7. The snowman is so darling! I just love it :)

  8. Your little snow man is perfect! So cute!

  9. @Alexis: Thanks ! :D xoxo

    @imfeeelingnail-venturous: Aww, thank you ! :)


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