Dec 20, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 20 - Sleigh/Sled

Day 20 already! Only 4 more days and Santa brings us presents ;) 
For today I had a great idea, but it was really hard to paint it on the nails :P 
I know... the Reindeer on my index looks like a crazy rabbit and the on on my middle finger looks like a dog with really big ears =)))) But I like the one on my ring finger ;) And since I couldn't paint a whole Reindeer on my little finger I decided to paint a roof with a chimney and smoke. Aaaaand on my thumb I did the sleigh and Santa, here is a close up: 
Just ask if you wanna know any of the colors, I'm too lazy to list them all up :P 
Make sure to visit these ladies too!

I just had to share the pic I just took with my cat Kiara :) She is sitting right next to me and is watching every move I'm doing :D  

Have a good night and see ya next time :-* 


  1. OMG! This look amazing! I wish I could paint in that way...

  2. what brand is the blue? its really nice and christmassy :P

  3. Thank you so much Anja! :)

    @Musical.x: The blue is actually a gradient with Rimmel - Azure on the tips and MNY - 661 at the base of the nail :)

  4. Love this so pretty and that blue is stunning! Aw your cat is adorable too, x

  5. What an amazing mani, and so detailed, great job! Love how the reindeers really seem to be floating through the air :-)

  6. Love it! So pretty! Great idea with the silhouettes.

  7. the cat's beautiful!

    and so are your nails, obviously ;)
    AWESOME! I could never do that :DDD

    xoxo Jen

  8. Oh cat pic! :) I think your mani looks awesome! You are so talented! :)

  9. Your cat is beautiful! Plus I just love this mani! So very cool!

  10. Beautiful free hand! I'm always so impressed...
    Soon you can start tracking Santa's sleigh at :D

  11. @Jessica: Thanks :)

    @Nicole - Top to Toe: Thank you so much! :D

    @Jane: I'm so glad you like it! Thank you :D

    @Kaki: Thank you! It was a lot easier that way ;)

    @It's Jen or Jenni: Thank you !! xoxo

    @Helga: Thank you so much! :)

    @Fingers: Thank you !! :D

    @Anutka: Thanks! And thank you for the link :D I will do that ;)


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