Dec 12, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 12 - Holly + Award

Holy moly! We are already halfway through the challenge! Can you believe how time flies?

Today's theme is : Holly. What do you do when you're lazy ? Exactly! An accent nail :P 
I used Essence - Can't Cheat On Me as a base (2 coats) and some rhinestones for the holly's :) 
Make sure to check these ladies out: 

I also received another award from 2 ladies: paint that nail and Shannara. I wanna thank you both so much for giving me this, I'm really glad other people out there appreciate my blog and in this case, especially my Nail Art! :) 
Thanks thanks thanks!! :D
I wanna pass this award to some of the lovely ladies that I highly appreciate and admire for their Nail Art:
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MaD Manis
Sara 's Pretty Little Things
Sonoma Nail Art
Wacky Laki

A little fun fact for you guys: I now have exactly as much followers as I have nail polish in my stash --> 254 :P 

See ya tomorrow ;) 


  1. these are so simple yet so cute!! love them!

  2. So cute!
    and you have like the perfect shaped nails and cuticles by the way :)

  3. Lovely! Especially against the gray

  4. @Anja: Thank you ! :)

    @Taylor McDonnell: Thanks! :D

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you!! :D

    @Lexi Martone: Wow, that's a compliment! Thank you so much :)

    @Kaki: Thanks! Yea, I liked that grey background too :)

  5. Cute! That Essence looks great!

  6. Definitely the way to go when you are feeling lazy!!! Love this! Congrats on the award and thanks for tagging me the other post!

  7. @Shannara: Thank you! :)

    @Helga: Thanks! I love this Essence polish, it's a little bit holo too ;)

    @Fingers: Thank you!! A good thing rhinestones were invented :D And you are very welcome! ;)

    @Paulina: You're welcome!! :)

  8. Thank you :-) Your nail art is always so pretty and inspirational :-)

  9. Thank you .. and right back at you ;) You deserve it ;)


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