Dec 3, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 3 - Icicles

Hello everybody!
Short post today :P Here are my Icicles:
I used Chicogo - Fuel as a base, Essence - White Hype for the icicles and Essence - Silver Surfer for the accents. I also mixed a little white and blue polish to get a light blue color for the accents too.
I must say, that I don't like this design very much and that's why I took it off right away :P But tomorrows theme is "Snowman"! How cute :D Can't wait to do that! ;)
Don't forget to check out the designs of the other ladies!! :)
See ya tomorrow! :-*


  1. the icicles look great and te blue is so pretty

  2. This is great!!!! Love the icicles!

  3. The blue and silver accents on the icicles are so nice!

  4. Freaking awesome! Very sleek.

  5. @Shannara: Thank you! I love that blue :D

    @Paulina: Thanks ! :D

    @Alexis: Thank you so much! ;)

    @Kelly: Thanks :D

    @Kaki: Hehe, thank you! :D

    @paint that nail: Thanks ;) Me, too :P

  6. Oh why'd you take off? these are very pretty, loving all the icicle manicures that everyones doing fot the challenge :-)

  7. Thank you, but it looked better in the pictures :P Yes, the ladies are very creative ! :)


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