Dec 24, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 23 - Santa

Last theme in this challenge! Cause tomorrow we can recreate our favorite challenge :P
Santa kinda looks scared :P But I still like him ;)
I used: Avon - Ruby Slippers, P2 - Flirt & Tease, P2 - Hyper and Art de Lautrec Black and White.
Can't wait to do tomorrow's mani :D

Check these ladies and their Santa's out: 

We just have to sleep one more time and then Santa comes! What are your wishes this year? :)


  1. I love your Santa! And he doesn't look scared. Or maybe he is, of nail polish remover! The santa suits are too cute. I want to do this manicure now!

  2. I bet it's the nail polish remover =))))
    And thank you! They're really easy to do but look so cute :D

  3. Haha, a scared Santa. This looks brilliant :-)


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