Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Challenge Day 18 - Stockings

I had no idea what to paint on my nails for this theme ... and I don't like what I did in the end with them either. :P Not my favorite theme, that's for sure..I mean, come on! Who puts socks on their nails ?!
But I rediscovered one of my favorite red polishes: P2 - Charismatic. I used it for the Santa hats as well, you'll see that later ;)
Check these gorgeous ladies out as well!
Paint That NailSteffiJessicaSalpiShannaraKirshtenKellyLexi Martone and Kaki
See ya later, my polish-friends ;) 


  1. Ha, who indeed puts socks on their nails? It's not my favourite theme either but I think you did a good job anyway :-) I've given you the Glitter Badge on my blog today :-)

  2. So cute, complete with a heel and everything :)
    I agree though, it is a strange theme...

  3. I like this christmas themed mani, very cute. I love the dark green polish color.

  4. @Laura: Thank you ;) And thank you so much for the badge!

    @Sandra: Thank you! :D

    @Anutka: Very strange indeed :)) but thank you! ;)


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