Aug 29, 2011


Good morning my old and new followers ;)
I won´t post anymore ... for 2 weeks :P I´m going to Greece today to enjoy my vacation :) Of course I won´t be able to post anything and since my nails were in a really bad condition the past few weeks, I didn´t had the chance to prepare some posts. But as soon as I come back I will post again regularly ;)
And here is what I did the past few days, since I couldn´t paint my nails :P
I organized my stash by color on this nail wheels
And I also started some Nail Art wheels :) Click to enlarge !
If you want, I will do some tutorials of this designs, just leave me a comment and let me know ;) I will approve and answer them as soon as I come back :)
Have a great week! I will miss you guys! :-*


  1. oh gosh!!! i love your nail art wheel!! i want the tutorial for those nail arts :) take care darling! :)

  2. Thank you sweetie :) I will do my best for the tutorials when I come back ;)

  3. The nail art wheel looks awesome! :)

  4. Aww but I love your blog :( Gonna miss you :( Have fun on vacation !!!!

  5. Hope you have a great holiday! Thats some good colour organization! Would love to see tutorials on some of those nail arts, they all look so cute:D

  6. I love the nail art wheel! Have fun on vacation and see you when you get back!

  7. love your nail wheels, i just got some recently so have done mine too, really need to post about them hehe

  8. awesome! I just bought nail wheels yesterday! I can't wait to swatch all of my colors!

  9. How can I not join a blog with a fellow redhead!!! I love your color-I've been that color before-now I'm more a merlot!! Am a new follower!! Have fun in Greece

  10. Hey hey I know you'r probs on holiday right now but I just came onto your site after a while so thought i'd drop by and say hi =]
    I read all your posts I missed out on and love them all!
    These nail wheels are very funky =] Love the nail art too!

  11. @Nail Designs xox: Thank you! It was great ;)
    @Helga: Thanks :D
    @Mooni: You´re so sweet, thanks ! I´m already back ;)
    @Audrey: Thank you! Tutorials will come soon ;)
    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks! I had a great time :)
    @Shel: Thank you! Looking forward to your post ;)
    @Jacki: Thanks! And have fun swatching your nail polish! :D
    @Fingers: Thank you! I love that color too, but after Greece my hair is actually orange, lol xD
    @Sara: Hey :) Thank you sweetie! Now I´m making myself a cup of coffee and then I will start to read all the posts I´ve missed :) <3


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