Aug 7, 2011

Polka Dots !

Here I am again :) Because I start working tomorow I wanted something simple on my nails, but not just plain polish. What do you do? Polka dots! :D For the base I used 2 coats of BeYu - 324, a light grey polish, which is very creamy and easy to apply.
And then I added some blue dots with a dotting tool and Essence - I´m a Marine Girl from their 50´s Girls LE. I will show you the polishes from this collection in another post. :)
What do you girls do, when you don´t want to wear just plain polish? Let me know in your comments ;)
Have  good night and see ya next time! :-*


  1. Love the colour combination :) think it would look nice too with white spots!

  2. Beautiful! I have to get a dotting tool, toothpicks are fine but this is so much nicer :)

  3. That grey is really pretty:) And the blue dots on it are really pretty! When I don't want plain nails I usually end up going with polka dots too:) So cute a style

  4. you do awesome polka dots! reminds me of the bundle monster plate because they look so perfect!

  5. That's a great colour combination and I love the shape of your nails :-)
    Polka dots are one of my favourite designs to fall back on too.
    Have fun at work!

  6. Woo I love polka dotts! =) This looks awesome!

  7. @Cara: Good idea! I will try that for sure :)
    @Veronica: Thanks :D
    @Alissa: Toothpicks make very small dots, I can´t work with them..but dotting tools are so easy to use :D
    @Audrey L: Thanks :) Dots are just awesome right? :)
    @Jacki: Oh thank you so much :D
    @Laura: Thanks Laura, the shape I have now is actually an accident :D And thaks again, but my work is just boring :P
    @Sara: Thanks sweetie :)


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