Aug 26, 2011

Make-Up Storing Tips?

Hello everybody!
I just got back from Germany yesterday and I realized I have a problem :D I have to much make up for my small bathroom :)) My mom bought me some make up and I also purchased some things, while I was there and now that I´m back, I see that my bathroom shelf and drawer are already full ^^ I don´t like it, if I have some cosmetics in one place and the other part in another...I just like to have all in one place. So do you guys have a good idea, how to store cosmetics ?
This is all I have right now, I know other people have much more, but for me it´s a lot :D And I realized I have too many mascaras :D I just love them ;)
So please leave your ideas in the comment section, because I don´t wanna leave them in this box :D Thank you so much!


  1. i just divide my make up into two parts
    one - that i use every day
    the other - i use rarely, occasionally
    it keeps me organized somehow ;)

  2. yeah that´s a good idea :) I will have to work something out :)

  3. i have mine in one big box but loads of cups and smallers boxes inside so everything is seperated and organised

    shel xx

  4. I think I have to buy me some boxes to fit all of the stuff :) Thank you Shel ;)

  5. I have my makeup organized into types and put into a set of stackable drawers.

  6. Good idea too...I really need to get some boxes or something like that :D


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