Aug 2, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Maybelline NY Mini Colorama - Cherry

Hello my dear readers, and hello to my new followers ;) 
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Let´s move on to the swatch :) Today I wanna show you a really gorgeous red glitter polish. It´s called Cherry (54) and it´s from Maybelline New York and their Mini Colorama Collection. I always wear it over a red polish, because it´s a little sheer on it´s own. To show you what I mean I applied 3 coats of Cherry on my ring finger and 1 coat of Cherry over a red polish on my other fingers. The application is very easy and unlike other glitters, you don´t need any TC to smooth it out. 
The glitter is much more visible in real life, I don´t know why my cam doesn´t want to show that :) The second pic is most color accurate.
I really like the quality of this polish, but unfortunately I didn´t like the other Mini Colorama colors I found so far. Well, maybe I will someday :)
Do you own any Mini Colorama polishes? Any must-haves ? :) 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. This is such a pretty colour! I really like the glitters in it =]
    I only own one colorama mini... and its a flakie one so I would say that is definitely a must-have! =]

  2. Pretty! This would make a good glitter sammich. :)

  3. I really like this. Pink plus glitter always gives a good result :-)
    I haven't tried any of this range. In fact, I think the last time I bought a Maybelline polish was well over 10yrs ago! They're too expensive for me.

  4. @Sara: yeah the flakie! I searched for it, but I didn´t find it :(
    @thenailaholic: Thanks, and youre right ;)
    @Laura: Well, the normal Maybelline polishes are too expensive for me too, but the Mini Colorama are around 2€. :) For that price it´s a really good polish ;)

  5. This colour is reallu beautiful looking! Really reminds me of something I cant think of! Dont think i've ever seen it before or any from the range but will definitely look out for them:)

  6. It looks so cute, I should get it too! :)

  7. @Jossie: Thanks :)
    @Audrey: You should look out for it, good polish and good price is always a good deal ;)
    @Sandra: Thanks, and yes you should :D


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