Aug 7, 2011

Some Updates/News =)

Good morning, my dear readers!
Are you all having a nice sunny sunday? Let´s hope so ;)
Just wanted to inform you, that my poll closed yesterday and most of you voted for the Flower Nail Art Tutorial :) So this one will come up on this blog in the next few days. On the second place was the Zipper Zebra Manicure, which I will do after the flower tutorial. And then we will see, how you all like the tutorials and if you want more ;)
The second thing I wanna tell you, is about the Blogroll-Page. I removed the Blogroll-Gadget and now I´m trying to dedicate a page only to the blogs I follow. It takes longer than expected, cause I realized, that I just follow too many blogs :))) But I hope it will be ready soon.
So that´s it and later I will be back with a new manicure :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)


  1. I'm having a horrid cold and wet sunday =( Lol but glad yours is going good =]
    Thanks for the updates and wow can't wait to see the blog page your talking about!

  2. I hoped the sun would come out, but it was cold and rainy here too :( I hope I´m finishing the page soon :D


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