Aug 14, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Abstract Flowers

Hello my dear readers! :)
The day started just right, with a lot of sun and a lot of degrees :D I hope you all have a very sunny Sunday too ;) So finally I have the promised Nail Art Tutorial for you! At first I didn´t knew how to take photos of all the steps and how to post them, and I will have to figure that all out til my next tutorial, but for now it looks like this. So please bear with me, after all it´s my first tutorial. :) Let´s start:
The first step is applying a Base Coat of course, and after that you apply the base color of your choice :) I went with the same colors as last time, so I used 2 coats of Essence - Ahoy, a nice white polish.
Now to the fun part: Use a tip painter or a small brush to paint the flower patels. Start with the middle one and add one flower patel on each side. Just begin on the left side of the nail and paint a slight ovally line. Keep in mind, they don´t have to be perfect! :)
Now with the same technique, you draw one line in each patel with a different color. I used the silver tip painter from Essence.  (sorry for the blurry image^^)
And again: draw one line in each flower patel with a third color of your choice, I used the pink tip painter from Essence :)  Now the right part of the nail is a little bit empty. Just add some random stripes with your third color. But not to many, cause there still has to be room for some dots. :)
As mentioned, grab a dotting tool and put some black dots along the lines. I used the same black polish, that I used for the flower patels. Clean up the dotting tool and add some silver dots on the base of the flower, just to cover up the messy lines and to make the flower look more realistic :) 
The last thing you have to do, is to add a TC to smooth it all out and to make the polish last longer. ;)
And then you´re done! This is the end result and as you can see I alternated the position of the flowers. But you can do them all on the same side...just do it how you like it :) Of course you can experiment with other color combinations! :P If you recreate this design, I would love to see it :) Just leave me a link in the comment section ;)
I hope this tutorial was helpful, and I promise I will do it better next time, with the pics and the explanations and all that :D Have a nice Sunday evening and see ya next time! :-*


  1. wow this is gorgeous, i love the colours! i think you done a good job with the tutorial :)

    shel xx

  2. Great tutorial. And it looks beautiful on the nails.

  3. @Shel: Thanks :) I´m glad you like it ;)
    @Taya: Thank you! :D

  4. Love this!!! Think I am going to try this on my real nails tonight. hope it comes out as pretty as yours did. Thank you for the step by step tutorial!


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