Aug 1, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.5 : Tape Mani + Paulinas Giveaway

Hello my lovelies :)
Today I have another Nail Art Monday manicure for you, the theme this week was: Tape Mani. I made it really simple, I used some special scissors to cut the tape and 2 of my new favorite colors: Catrice - Lost in Mud and Artdeco - 316. I really love this color combo! 
I wanted to add some dots, but I wasn´t sure how it would turn out and I didn´t want to ruin the mani. The last pic is taken with flashlight, to show the design a lil bit better :) ...but my skin looks like it´s from a corpse :))))

And I also want to inform you about Paulinas giveaway! She reached 300 followers and is thanking them with this great giveaway ;) Check it out here ! Make sure to follow her, because she does some great stamping and lately some really awesome freehand designs!

Thanks for reading and see ya next time :)


  1. Wow that combination definitely played a tricks on my eyes. I didn't realize what I was looking at at first. I really like the color combo!

  2. Same here! i didn't "see" the tape design at first. The colors sure look different depending on the light!

  3. Think this looks perfect as is:) the colour combo is really nice:) Love the catrice colour!

  4. Am loving this mani. I can't get tape to cut without ruining it!

  5. @Amber: Thank you :)
    @déjà vu: I heard that a lot :D I think the volor combo makes that effect :)
    @Kayono: They sure do :D
    @Audrey L: Thank you :)
    @thenailaholic: Thanks and believe me, I ruined a few stripes myself ;)


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