Aug 16, 2011

My first Rhinestone Manicure

Hello everybody! :)
Less talk and more pictures today :) I tried my first manicure with rhinestones last weekend and I really liked it! It was very easy to work with them and they really do make a manicure more special ;) I applied 2 coats of Essence - Hypnotic Poison, a really great red-pinkish shimmer polish. The shimmer is so beautiful in sunlight!  After that I put on the rhinestones, while the polish was still wet. And voilá:
Do you like to use rhinestones on your manicures? Tell me about it in your comments :)
Have a great day! :-*


  1. love it! I hate having things stick off of my nails because they get caught in my hair and such, I don't know how you deal with them. Pretty, though

  2. It's so beautiful!
    I like how rhinestones look on my nail, but they always get stuck in my hair so I rarely use them.

  3. really pretty! i love rhinestones on my nails lol anything to add that extra bling ;)

    shel xx

  4. @Veronica: Thanks ! :)

    @Jacki: Well, I added one thick coat of clear polish to prevent them from falling off so fast and that way, they didn´t get caught in my hair and such :) But still, sometimes it happens :P

    @Sandra: Thank you! I love how they look, but if they´re too big they do get stuck in my hair too :)

    @Shel: Thanks ;) Bling bling looks always great on nails :D

  5. how pretty! rhinestones always fall off my nails, maybe im not putting enought gluemany blessings!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting an amazing limited edition giclee print giveaway by the very talented, Lark Calderon Gomez!

  6. I've only used rhinestones once, just to try. So I have to do it again seriously. This one looks really cute :)

  7. @Carolina: Thanks :) You should try putting a thick coat of top coat over the rhinestones, maybe then they hold better ;) I checked out your blog, now I´m following ;)
    @Helga: Thank you! I look forward to your design ;)

  8. i love rhinestones ;) and it looks great


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