Aug 19, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Catrice - I Sea You !

Hello everybody!
Finally I´m done with my job! Yeey :D But my nails are a huge mess :( 4 of them are really short, because they always broke at work and I had to cut them down, and another one just broke today and it hurts, aaah! -.-
That´s why I will have to post some old swatches, til my nails are a bit longer again :) I wanna show you Catrice - I Sea You! (250), a beautiful turquoise-green creme polish. Application was no that easy, because my polish was a little bit thick, but I only used 1 coat !! I love 1-coaters :D
The first picture is the most color accurate :) 
That´s the dream: opaque in 1 coat and glossy, even without TC :) What do you think about it? Do you own any Catrice polishes? :)
Btw: I will approve and answer your comments tomorrow night at the earliest, because I´ll spend my whole day tomorrow at a lake with friends, trying to enjoy the great weather and just having fun :)
Have a great weekend and good night! :-*


  1. Ich mag deinen Blog sehr :) Du machst wirklich gute Arbeit

  2. That is so pretty looking! A nice sea green:) I love Catrice, cheap and cheerful polishes:D Have fun at the lake~

  3. Nope none for me! That color looks great on you..

  4. Gorgeous color! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Steffi: Dankeschön! Freut mich wirklich das zu hören ;)
    @Audrey: Thanks, I had much fun ! :) Catrice polishes are really a great deal :)
    @Jossie: Thank you! Don´t you have Catrice polishes in your stores?
    @Jacki: Thanks! And thank you for reading ;)

  6. Looks nice! Hope you had fun at the lake :)


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