Aug 23, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Zipper Zebra

Good morning, my dear readers! :)
I just woke up and thought: let´s do another tutorial! :P The Zipper Zebra Manicure was on the second place in my poll and it´s my favorite, so here it is!
Step 1: Apply a base color of your choice, best would be a light color, to create a good contrast to the zebra pattern. I used 2 coats of Essence 50´s LE - Ahoy! 
Step 2: Cut a piece of scotch tape in a triangular shape and put it on the tip of the nail. Make sure the polish underneath is completely dry! The tape is hard to see in the pic, but I think you get the idea ;) 

Step 3: Now cover the whole nail with another polish of your choice, I used Essence - Purple Diamond. 1 coat should be enough, especially over a white or a light base.
Now to the fun part: remove the tape slowly, while the polish is still wet!
Voilá! It´s not a problem, if the lines are not perfect, cause you will cover them anyway :)
I don´t know how I managed to make this dent in the polish, hm..weird :P
Step 4: Now take a tip painter or a small brush to make some thin lines. A black polish is the best choice for this step, but you can be creative ;) First outline the triangle and then draw a straight line to the base of the nail. Basically you have to paint a "Y" on the nail :)

Step 5: This step can be done in many different ways. You can leave the plain polish to have a simple zipper mani, you can do a zebra pattern or a leopard pattern or just dots. Just do it the way you want it :)

Step 6: Last but not least: put some dots along the "Y" - shaped lines to make the zipper look more realistic. If you drew the lines to thick, the dots won´t show that good, but hey...practice makes perfect ;)

That´s the final result :) Have fun recreating this look and let me know in your comments how it worked out for you! :)
Have a nice day! :-*


  1. ooohhhh beautiful. Thanks, I already have my colors picked out for a inspired by you mani!! I have learned so much reading your blogs.



  2. @RoseAnn: Thank you so much! I really look forward to see what your design looks like ;)
    @Shel: Thank you! :)

  3. LOVE these nails hun!! AMAZING!!!!! xxx

  4. oh love that :) might give it a try :) xx

  5. Thank you so much Lucy ! xxx

    Lyndsey I would love to see that :)

  6. This is so creative, I love how it turned out on your nails. Very cute! :]

  7. OMG! What a great tutorial! So cute! By the way, I am your new follower! Great blog!

  8. Oh thank you so much !! :) I´m so glad you like my blog! Welcome :)

  9. This is such a cool idea!!! :D I can't wait to try it! Your step by step is perfect too! New follower! <3

  10. I love this! Thank you for showing us how to create the look. I have been wanting to try 'zipper' nails for a while!

  11. @idrinknailpolish: Thank you! :D I´m glad you like it :) And thanks for following <3
    @Maggie: Your welcome! :)


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