Oct 17, 2011

Awesome Nail Mail!

Hey !!
Today I got a great surprise :D You know the giveaway from Paulina, I told you about? Well, I won those awesome polishes ;) Yeeey! :P Paulina also included 2 very nice postcards - btw you have a really cool handwriting :D I once commented on her blog that I like that one polish so much, and she included it in my package, because she sent it a little bit late. You didn´t had to do that but I was really, really surprised and happy about it :D Thank you so much for this great prize!
I was at the point, that I thought the package wouldn´t arrive anymore, and you know what ? The package arrived here almost one week ago, and my stupid post-man didn´t tell me! The post office sent me a notice, that they would send the package back if I don´t pick it up the next 2 days! Well, thanks for that! -.-
They also opened the package - it could have been explosive nail polish, who knows right? :D
And this is the content of the package :D Love it! Again - thanks Paulina! 
I will do swatches as soon as I have time...that means probably on the weekend :P 
Have a good night, my dear readers! :-* 


  1. I remember noticing that you'd won this giveaway; lucky you! Looking forward to seeing swatches :-)

  2. I was sooo happy :D Yep, the swatches are coming...I can only say, the polishes look gorgeous! :D

  3. Ohh, I'm glad you like it and that the polishes are already safe in their new home :P


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