Oct 4, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Essence Twins - Bella & Edward

Hello, my lovelies ! :)
First off: I didn´t forgot the Nail Art Monday, I will post it later or maybe tomorrow, but yesterday was my first day at the uni and it was really stressful -.- That´s why I won´t be able to post as much as usual, but only til I figure out how to allot my free time :)
Let´s move on to the polish(es): It´s the Essence Twins, Bella & Edward! I know a lot of you guys love those polishes, and let´s be honest: they´re just A-MA-ZING!! :D Both, the base color (Bella) and the Glitter Topper (Edward), are very easy to apply, and like almost every Essence polish, the greenish turquoise base color has a glossy finish. I just let the pictures speak for themselves ;)
See the beautiful glitter ?! I couldn´t stop staring at them in the sunlight :D
The Glitter Topper has normal, round glitter and square glitter in it, and that´s what makes it so beautiful ;) The last picture is the most color accurate :)

Oh, I almost forgot! Today´s Tuesday ! Tell me a number between 1 and 217, and as always, the first comment with a number counts! :)
Have a great and sunny day ! I´ll go back to the uni now :D


  1. Nice! I can't wait to get this combo :)

  2. Not a fan of the glitter-but the teal is nice and #10!

  3. Thanks Laura for the number ! :)
    @destany: Thanks! It´s really cool ;)
    @Fingers: Yes it´s a beautiful color :) And thanks for the number, maybe next time your faster ;)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour and the glitter!!! its gorgeous :) xxxxx

  5. i love your nail shape! pretty colors too :)

  6. Thanks Lucy! :) xoxo
    @Selene and Theia: Thank you so much ! :D

  7. These are sooooooo pretty, separately and together. Turquoise always looks great I think!

  8. I don't have Bella but I'm lucky enough to have Edward and man, is he gorgeous! ;D I love the square glitters so much! And I love the colors in Edward too, so beautiful! <3 LOVE this mani so much!

  9. @thnailaholic: She´s gorgeous! :D
    @Laura: You´re so right! Turquoise is a beautiful color ;)
    @idrinknailpolish: Thank you! And Edward is just one of the most beautiful polishes I own :) Essence has done a great job! ;)

  10. Ooooh this is soo pretty, I LOVE glitter and holo glitter is even better! Mani WIN =)))

  11. Thanks :) What girl doesn´t like glitter, right? :D

  12. wooww deze lak is echt super gaaf!!(L)


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