Oct 27, 2011

Reader´s Choice: S-he 195

Hello my dear readers! :)
The awesome polish I will show you in a second, was chosen on Tuesday by an Anonymous reader, who chose number 211 :) Thanks for that, whoever you are :D Number 211 is S-he 195, a very sheer red glitter polish, which reminds me of Christmas :P I knew immediately what I would do with that polish, and here it is:
 BLOOD! :D Oke I know its Glitter-Blood, but still :P It´s perfect for Halloween ;) 
I used: Art de Lautrec 21 (black), P2 - Open your Heart and S-he 195. 
As I mentioned before, S-he 195 is very sheer, so I always use it as a glitter topper over a red polish.
In this second picture the red is color accurate :) There is so much glitter going on in real life, but I couldn´t capture it in the photo :(
Wanna know something funny? :D After I finished this manicure last night, I read some some new blog posts and I came across this manicure from Anutka. She did the same dripping manicure :D Cool coincidence, right? :P Make sure to visit her blog ;)

That´s it! Thanks for reading and have a great day .. I´m off to the Uni now ;)


  1. I love that it drips from the base. Beautiful! :)

  2. These are very cool! Love both your blogs!!

  3. @Anutka: Thank you! :)
    @Fingers: Thanks! :D

  4. This mani is amazing-ness!!! I agree with Anutka, its great you'v made it drip from the base of your nails not the tips!
    Did you use a dotting tool for this?

  5. Thank you !!! I just used the brush of the polish and if I wanted the end or the drops to be more round I used a dotting tool :)

  6. Awesome sauce! I love glitter blood. It's gross and cute at the same time.

  7. That red polish is beautiful!


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