Oct 11, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Farmasi 74

Hello! :) 
How are you all today? Good? That´s nice...yes I´m talking to myself here :P Soooo, I have another swatch for you, that I did some while ago and it´s not another blue polish! :D It´s Farmasi, Nr. 74, a really pretty purple polish. In the sunlight you can see purple, pink and blue shimmer, it´s really beautiful! Application was good, but I needed 3 coats to make it opaque ... that´s the only thing I don´t like about it. The more coats, the more likely it is to chip very soon. 
This picture isn´t the best, but there was no sun, when I took the pictures, so I experimented with the flashlight on my camera, to show you the shimmer! :) 
The last picture is the most color accurate. Do you own any Farmasi polishes? I don´t even know where that brand comes from, so if you know, you can tell me in your comments ;) 

And of course it´s time for you to tell me another number between 1 and 217 ! You can decide what polish I wear tomorrow ;) Thanks for that! :) 

Have a nice evening and see ya tomorrow ;) 


  1. Yes you are! Thanks for the number ;)

  2. Well the numbers already been chosen, but I woulda picked 22 =]
    Anyway cool polish! I lovee the ultra violet-esqu colour effect =]

  3. Maybe next time! :D And thanks! Now that you mentioned the ultra violet-like color, I can see it too :D

  4. @Fingers: No, the brand is called Farmasi, and I found out it´s a turkish brand :) But that´s all I know :)


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