Oct 21, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Essence - Sundancer with a Gradient

TGIF ! Oh my god, I thought this weekend will never come :P Well, this was a looong week for me, that´s why I didn´t manage to show you the "Readers´s Choice - post" until now :)
So, on Tuesday the chosen number was 55 ! And it was chosen by Taya. Thank you! :) The polish behind this number is Essence - Sundancer, a beautiful yellow polish, that I already swatched -->here<--
Now I couldn´t leave it alone so I tried something I didn´t do before: a gradient ! :D But not a sponged one, no! I achieved this gradient, by painting the colors I wanted on the nails and quickly painting over them with a clear top coat. You know how sometimes the TC you put over your nail art design, smudges the colors, if they´re not dry enough ? Well I did that on purpose :P And here is the result:
All polishes are from Essence: Sundancer, Get the Fever (orange) and Love of Pink .
I just love this color combination! <3
Do you like gradients? Did you ever try this technique ? :) 

Thanks for reading
and have a great weekend, my lovelies! :-* 


  1. I like the color combo, lovely!

  2. I have yet to try gradient manis-but this looks really great!

  3. @Paulina: Thank you! Me too ;)

    @Nemo Latte: Thanks! Perfect for summer, but not so much for autumn, right ? :P

    @Fingers: Thank you! I don´t know why I didn´t try it sooner. It´s perfect because you can combine more of your favorite colors and it´s an awesome effect :) I´d love to see your gradient soon ;)

  4. i love the colors.. so happy looking

  5. @FrugallyMe: Thank you! :D

    @Pretty: Me too, they just put you in a good mood when you look at them :)

  6. Oh really summery and happy mani :)

  7. I LOVE this!!! I adore gradients and this one is eye poppingly bright and amazing! =DDDD

    I ♥ it!!

  8. It looks super good. I've never tried this technique, but I think I'm gonna do it soon. :D

  9. that looks so AMAZING!!!
    the colours remind me of sunsets, great choice!
    you do awesome nail designs ;)

  10. @Helga: Yes it is :D Kinda wrong for autumn though :P

    @Taya: Thank you!! :)

    @Sara: Thank you so much! I think I discovered my love for gradients too ;)

    @Sandra: Thank you ! :) It´s very easy and quick, compared to the sponging technique :)

    @Jen: Thank you so much! It does look like a sunset ;) xoxo


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