Oct 9, 2011

Inspired by the Music Video - Rain over me -

Hello my dear readers!
How was your weekend? :) I don´t even know where the time went :P I didn´t even manage to do a tutorial for you :( Next Saturday I´ll do one again, I promise! Well, let´s move on to the nails! While I was doing some stuff around the house, I put my TV on UTV (a romanian music video channel) to listen to some music. The minute I heard "Rain over me" by Pitbull and Marc Anthony, I ran to the TV to turn up the volume :D I love that song and the music video is not that bad either ;) Here is a link to the youtube-clip! One of the girls had some really cool nails, that I had to try immediately. I took a screen shot, but the quality isn´t that great:
Click to enlarge to see the nails better ;) 
So obviously she wears some blue crackle polish :P As a base she has neon pink on all of her nails, except the middle finger, which has a neon green base. I would never have thought of this color combination , but I like it very much !
So, here are my inspired nails: 
 I used: Moyra - 64 1B1 (neon pink), Flormar - 50 (green) and Flormar - G01 (blue crackle). The blue crackle has a matte finish, just like every other crackle I tried so far. 
 After putting on some TC. See the pretty shimmer in the blue ? :) 
I like the end-result very, very much! What do you think ? :)
Good night and sweet dreams! See ya :-* 


  1. I like the color you used under the cracks, its not something you see all the time but still awesome!

  2. This is a cool look! I noticed her nail polish too! LOL

  3. nice!
    Have you received your prize yet?

  4. @Beauty on a College Budget: Thanks! That´s what I liked about this manicure so much :)

    @Frankenstyna: Lol :D And thanks!

    @Paulina: Thank you :) No not yet ;)

  5. I kinda got tired of the shatter look, but this manicure is very pretty! nice choice for colors!!

  6. Wow this colour combo looks FAB! I know some people are totally sick of the crackle trend but I still love it! I don't think it's gonna die down any time soon either, it's so cool even music vids are showing them!

  7. @Selene and Theia: Thank you! :D Well I have to admit I still can´t get enough of this look ;)
    @Sara: Thanks Sweetie ! Well, a lot of poeple out there can´t see it anymore, but I still love it ! :D


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