Oct 5, 2011

Late Nail Art Monday (Nr.8) - Give me the Blues

Hello, my lovelies! :)
Monday was ages ago, I know, but I wanted to post this Nail Art anyways, cause I really like it ;) The theme this week was: Give me the Blues! Basically you had to do some Nail Art, only using blue polishes. I used Essence - Shocking Blue as a base, it applied very easy and I realized I never wore this color before, because I didn´t like the way it looks in the bottle. How wrong I was! :D I like it very much, it´s just a really nice and calm blue...I don´t know another way to describe it :P
Then I added some dots all over the tips of my nails and the polishes I used, are: Essence - The World´s Coolest (light blue), Essence - I´m a Marine Girl (dark blue) and P2 - Gigantic.

Another simple but cute manicure! What do you think ? Do you like blue polishes? :) 
Have a good night ! See ya :*

P.S.: I´ll post the "Reader´s Choice"-post tomorrow ;) 


  1. Oh this is GORGEOUS!!!! I ♥ it =D

  2. Beautiful! I love blue polish's! I have one on now :)

  3. This is so awesome! And I love the shape of your nails!

  4. I like this look, the blue shades are all pretty. Also I'm super jealous of your nail shape. I always try to round my nails myself but they don't always turn out the best. hahaa

  5. Love it- it kinda reminds me of gumballs haha :)

  6. I think it's cute! I'm becoming a fan of blue polishes :-)

  7. @Sara ♥'s: Thank you Sweetie ! :D

    @Nail Designs xox: Thanks ! Which polish are you wearing? :D

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you so much! :)

    @Beauty on a College budget: Thank you! :D I do this nail shape cause it´s the only one I can file and it doesn´t turn out weird :P

    @Anonymous: Thanks! Now that you mentioned it...yes, they do look like gumballs :D

    @FrugallyMe: Thanks! Blue polishes are great, we´re lucky there are so many lovely blue shades out there :)

  8. This is so cute! I do really like blue polishes which is weird because it's not my favorite color on other stuff :P That blue was really pretty, I need to get a plain really blue like that :)

  9. This is amazing! I love that blue and perfect dots!

  10. @Helga: Thank you ! Hope you fin your perfect blue polish ;)
    @Fingers: Thank you so much! And the dotting tool alone did a perfect job on the dots :D
    @Selene and Theia: Thank you! :)

  11. Hi Theodora, I'm a new follower. I really like this mani! Your nails are gorgeous!

  12. Hey :) welcome ! And thank you very much ;)


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