Oct 23, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Spider Web

Good evening everybody! :)
How was your weekend? I hope a little bit more spectacular than mine :P I learned the past few days for my upcoming test and now I found the time to post my weekend tutorial for you ;)

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So, this time we have the Spider Web! Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I do some Nail Art for it :) It´s really easy and fast, and here it goes:

Step 1 : After applying you base color, you take a small brush and choose another color for the spider web. The colors should have a good contrast :) Basically you just have to paint some straight lines, that all start at the same point. I chose the right side by my cuticles as the "starting point".

Step 2 : It should look like this after painting on your lines. You can do more lines, for a denser spider web, or less, for a big spider web. I chose 4... I think it´s just the perfect amount of lines :)

Step 3 : Now we have to draw on the other lines, to make it look like a web. You could do some round lines, from one side of the nail to the other one (and it´s a lot easier that way), or you could do the lines a little bit curved from one line to the other. Does that make sense ? :D It´s like you painting a little "u" between every line.

Step 4 : Finish it off with a TC to make it shinny and you´re done! You have a spider web on your nails! :D (I didn´t put a TC on cause I added something else :P)

Phheew, I sure said the word "line" a lot :D

I didn´t do the web on all of my nails, just on the thumb and the ring finger. Then I thought I could add a cute little spider to one of my nails and here is the end-result:
 I also added some glitter over the spider-web, cause I loooove glitter! :) But this step is totally optional ;) 
I used: P2 - Dramatic Black (base on thumb and ring finger), S-he 471 (silver), Farmasi - 79 (silver glitter) and Essence - Fatal for the Spider. 
I am in love with this cute spider and his web!
Do you like it? 
I think I will do some more Halloween Nail Art the next couple of days ... this mani just got me in the mood :D
Have a good night and thanks for reading! :-* 


  1. Thank u for the tut! I luv it!!

  2. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  3. Great tutorial! Thank you :)
    The spider is just adorable... I love how one eye is bigger than the other... gives him a cute and goofy look :)

  4. i love the spider most of all!


  5. @Jossie: Thank you! You´re welcome ;)

    @FrugallyMe: Thanks! You´re welcome too :D

    @Helga: Thank you so much! :D

    @Anutka: Thanks! You´re welcome ;) I love the spider too :D The goofy look was by mistake, but on the right hand I did it on purpose... it´s just too cute :P

    @Jen: Hehe, me too ;) xoxo

  6. Thank you for not doing a black spider web. Spider webs are white!! I know how to do the facebook thingy-do you still need help?

  7. You´re so right ;) Yes I could use some help on that :D

  8. Great tutorial! Your spider web turned out so great! The base color is SO pretty!


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