Oct 6, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Essence - The World´s Coolest

Hello everybody!
As promised, here is the a swatch of the polish, that was chosen by Laura, who has 3 blogs, so I don´t know which one to link here, that´s why I´ll link you to her profile ;)  Thanks for choosing number 45! I think I never would have worn this polish (is that grammatically right?! - it sounds weird :D ), because it is sheer and it needs 3 coats to be opaque and it still could use one more coat. Anyway, it´s called "The World´s Coolest" from Essence´s Surfer Babe Limited Edition, and it´s a beautiful light blue. The application was a bit streaky but it was manageable.
The first pic is color accurate, but in the shadow it can look like in the second picture :) I just realized, that I wore blue/turquoise polishes for almost a week now. I have to put on some purple or red! :D
Well, that´s it, I have to get back to my first anatomy class now and I´m so excited, I love this subject! :D

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! :)


  1. Looks good on you! Anatomy sounds interesting, hope uni is going well! :)

  2. Oooh very pretty colour =] Loving the blue shades you'v been showing lately!
    Lol I'm glad you'r enjoying anatomy! I had a weird teacher for that subject so didn't like it much but this year I have a different teacher, so hopefully i'l like it more!

  3. Thank you Helga ! :)
    @Sara: Thanks! Well, I hope you´ll enjoy anatomy this year! ;) Turns out, my teacher isn´t that great as I thought..oh well, I still like the subject :P


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