Jun 11, 2011

3-colored Manicure :)

This mani is inspired by a new bracelet I got me some days ago. I love the color combination of it so much, that I  had to do a mani using them :) Everytime I see the photos, that I take with my phone, I just want to delete them, cause they´re so bad, and just wait until I have a new cam. But I don´t think I could go 2 months (or more) without blogging :P So sadly as it is...I just have to accept this damn pics and hope I have my cam soon :)
 So here it is...I took a photo with the bracelet so you could see the colors :) I used MNY - 807 A (pink), Catrice - Forget-Me-Not (purple) and P2 - Unforgettable (turquoise). In real life the colors match the bracelet perfectly ;)

I hope the sun comes back again, cause sunlight-pictures always look better :) So, please dear sun, come back ! :D
So thats it for today, my nailpolish-friends, see ya tomorrow :)


  1. Muito lindo ...
    Sempre me dá ótimas ideias, qualquer dia te copio!



  2. Oh wow, that looks fantastic :-)

  3. thank you both for those nice comments :)

  4. The photos are fine - I loooove the mani and how it perfectly matches your bracelet!

  5. you´re sweet! :) I would wear this mani all day, cause I love the combi with the bracelet :D


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