Jun 19, 2011

Nail Mail :)

Hello :)
So finally a new post, and I have good news! My sweet brother sent me his camera, so I can take some good photos of my mani´s. I´m so happy :D Also, my mum sent me some nail polish and other goodies from Germany, that I can´t get here :) Thanks mum :-*
So, here they are:
 Can´t wait to try the stickers :D and look at those 2 mini bottles...they´re sooo cute :D
Also, she sent me this big candle. I love the cap! The minute I took the cap off, the whole room smelled like berries :D I don´t even have to light it :P 
And I have to show you these 3 beauties, that I bought some days ago, because the colors are just awesome ;) So now that I have the cam, I will post more swatches and hopefully some more nail art :)
See ya next time! Kisses :-*


  1. Ah! Lucky you! What a great gift :-)
    Where do you live?

  2. Now I live in Romania..and they don´t have Essence and P2 products here :(

  3. We don't have Essence in the UK either :-(


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