Jun 23, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Essence - Break Through

Hello, my lovelies!
I thought I should do a swatch again :) Today we have Essence - Break Through (26), a gorgeous purple creme polish. This is a great summer color! Like a mentioned, it´s a beautiful purple polish with a hint of pink shimmer, once it´s in the sun :) Very creamy, therefore easy application. I used 2 thin coats, but it would be opaque even with 1 thick coat. Enough talk, here is the beauty:
Second picture is the most color accurate one. Click to enlarge the last one, to see the little shimmer :)
I just love Essence polishes, there so easy to apply and they have such great colors. :)

And I wanted to show you guys what I did yesterday. Somehow blogger didn´t let me put up photos :( Instead I tried to draw the tattoo, that Rihanna has on her right hand. If you don´t know it, here it is:

When I´m bored I tend to draw tattoo´s. But I think I would never get me a real one, cause I get easily bored with them :P Well, here is my version ..pretty close :) 
I know that my mum is reading this, that´s why I wanna point out, that this is not a real tattoo! :D It washes off ;)
Thanks for reading and see ya next time! :)


  1. Essa cor realmente é linda ...
    Amo esse tom.



  2. 1)I love that purple
    2)Very impressed with your "tattoo"
    3)Love the nail art you have in your tattoo photo

  3. Lovely nails! And wowowow such an awesome tattoo! I also do tattoos when i'm bored but I use glitter eyeliner lol =]
    Have you ever thought about doing henna tattoos? I'd so get one done by you!

  4. Thank you all for those lovely comments :)
    @Usei Hoje: you can never have enough purple in your stash ;)
    @Laura: I didn´t post that nail art, cause it´s some simple zebra print and it didn´t turn out that well :P
    @Sara: You´re so sweet :) next time I will try to decorate the tattoo with some glitter eyeliner ;) I thought about henna, but I don´t know why I never tried it :)

  5. Pretty colours. Once I got a indian tattoo on the hand. Is the ones I think are made with henna that come out after wash. was pretty cool.


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